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Our Philosophy | We will develop with you a well-defined strategic plan that will help you achieve long term successes

By identifying: A clear vision of growth in the market  over the coming years
How  to get there
Evaluate on an ongoing basis and adjust accordingly
How to achieve measurable results

Business Meeting

Recovery Planning

Work collectively to determine key priorities, objectives and measures during the recovery
Build an infrastructure to provide supplier/buyer engagement opportunities
Create opportunities for travel industry partners to re-engage
Budget efficiently and accurately

Business handshake

Strategic Planning

Custom Strategy Reports: tailored to the client’s specific needs
Market Research and Intelligence: provide all levels of research including consumer and trade
Custom Strategy Sessions: define and develop new travel markets
Execution Strategy: leveraging resources, partners, in-market experts and trade relationships for long term results


Millennial Digital Social Media Marketing

Engage with international millennials and overseas communities living in the U.S. via student organizations, student leaders and local influencers to increase brand awareness. Introduce promotions, itinerary and shopping/dining recommendations to drive in-state consumption, out-of-state and overseas family/ friend visitation.
This designed project aims to increase brand awareness and also helps to promote partner DMOs travel products and services via partnerships with international student organizations and key opinion leaders within these target regions in promotional/campaign season.
This project allows potential partner DMOs to purchase multiple content partnership spaces from local influencers’ online channels at a wholesale price for campaign or promotion usage or resell open schedules to partners to promote their own travel product or service during specific season.

Brand Strategy

Procurement - International Marketing Representation Search (RFP)

BMG is the only US-based tourism consulting firm that has specialization in designing and creating tailored proposals for tourism boards and other entities in the travel industry.

Streamlining the Evaluation Process

BMG follows the following key practices:

A 33 point checklist in its candidate selection process.

Scope of services specifically developed to produce quality, quantity, dimensions, features, and anything vital to the project.

A list of best practices that is fair and justifiable.

Budgeting and Bidding

Market cost analysis is used for each market so that the client has an idea of a range of costs for those goods and services required to do business. BMG keeps very familiar with the costs of each market to get the most inclusive bids. BMG will provide the context for bidders by providing goals, expectations, and reasoning behind the bidding for those potential proposers.

Selection Process

A good RFP will supply information relevant to selection. BMG works with clients on deadlines for proposals, and details when the proposal will be reviewed, who will review it and when approval or rejection will be made. BMG will outline the selection processes, and communicate the desired qualities and capabilities needed in bidders, as well as the company stance on in-house and outsourced services.

List of Countries for RFP solicitation:

China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, UK

Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico

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