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International Marketing Representation

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Streamlining the Evaluation Process

BMG follows the following key practices:

  • A 33 point checklist in its candidate selection process.

  • Scope of services specifically developed to produce quality, quantity, dimensions, features, and anything vital to the project.

  • A list of best practices that is fair and justifiable.

Budgeting and Bidding

Market cost analysis is used for each market so that the client has an idea of a range of costs for those goods and services required to do business. BMG keeps very familiar with the costs of each market to get the most inclusive bids. BMG will provide the context for bidders by providing goals, expectations, and reasoning behind the bidding for those potential proposers.

Selection Process

A good RFP will supply information relevant to selection. BMG works with clients on deadlines for proposals, and details when the proposal will be reviewed, who will review it and when approval or rejection will be made. BMG will outline the selection processes, and communicate the desired qualities and capabilities needed in bidders, as well as company stance on in-house and outsourced services.

International Marketing Representation: Services
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