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China Advisory

Advisory & Strategy

China Advisory & Strategic Planning

Our experience will help your organization to understand the competition, identify opportunities for potential growth, and develop an action plan:

Market Presence

Market Presence

Develop a Market Presence in China

BMG Market Presence Services include:

  • Effectively navigating China’s complex market requires understanding and when appropriate, advocacy.
  • Creation of Scope of Work to enter China market

  • Assist in driving an organization’s China execution strategy by leveraging all of our resources, partners, in-market experts.
  • Help you to manage and leverage relationships with tour operators, key media, and extend your message to consumers via on-line.
My Shopping Pass

My Shopping Pass

My Shopping Pass

My Shopping Pass is a membership rewards program that directly connects partner U.S. retailers to Chinese shoppers.

We operate through coordinated a strategically orchestrated set of marketing channels on and off line touch points in China that include:

  • Consumer Direct advertising via Chinese website and social media-
  • Distribution via Chinese Travel Agents and Tour Operators and On-Line Travel Agencies
  • Direct access via the U.S. and China based Tour Leaders (guides)
  • Supply all partner retailers with consumer and ROI data

Learn more on the My Shopping Pass Website.

India Market Expertise
Brazil Market Expertise

India & Brazil Market Expertise

India MarketIndia and Brazil will continue strong growth into the this century with double digit increases to the US both in visitation and spend.  These new market economies are demanding new travel products and are more experiental type of travel.  These travelers are digital and mobile savvy and get the majority of their information from on-line sources.

Let BMG help you get a foothold in the emerging marketplace – we can help you build a long term strategy that includes:

  • Highlighting the features and benefits of your products for each travel market
  • Connecting you with key travel trade partners for targeted promotion of your product
  • Help you identify partnership opportunities to enhance the visibility and awareness of your product
  • Focusing on key market drivers that set your product apart.
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We are recognized as an ‘Emerging Markets Authority’
by US Tourism Industry Leaders:


In late 2016, Global Ready Education (under BMG - BRIC Marketing Group) was named "An authority on creating 'Best Practices for Chinese-Friendly Travel' marketing strategies and educational programs that connect the travel industry to emerging markets that include China, India Brazil and Southeast Asia" in the US Department of Commerce's Resource Guide for the Tourism and Travel Industry.

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