Global Ready China Online Audit

Chinese netizens are online, social, and mobile. They are very open to new technologies and make use of digital and mobile features like mobile research, online booking and mobile payments like few other markets globally do.

China Online Audit

Do you know what they know?

Modern Chinese Travelers:

China Online Audit

Our Approach

China Online Audit Process

China Online Audit

Global Ready China Online Audit

How to better understand Chinese travelers?

This China Online Audit looks at what Chinese netizens already know, talk about, share, and ask about your brand. In the high-pace environment of the Chinese internet, user conversations change quickly and knowing the current ‘online buzz’ is key to developing, evaluating, and fine tuning your China online strategy. Through a current snapshot of that ‘online buzz’ about your brand, this audit’s overall goal is to give you a better understanding of where your brand stands in the Chinese online ecosystem – from the perspective of the Chinese traveler.

The results generated through our audit are intended:

  • as a foundation and starting point for the development of your China online strategy, in case you are just getting started digitally in China, or
  • as an evaluation of your efforts so far, and as a basis for adjustments and development of your future China online strategy, in case you are already active in the Chinese online ecosystem.

China Online Audit

Audit Findings

Our findings should help make you aware of necessary steps to align your China online efforts with your goals.
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In late 2016, Global Ready Education (under BMG - BRIC Marketing Group) was named "An authority on creating 'Best Practices for Chinese-Friendly Travel' marketing strategies and educational programs that connect the travel industry to emerging markets that include China, India Brazil and Southeast Asia" in the US Department of Commerce's Resource Guide for the Tourism and Travel Industry.

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